Workout for Women’s Day

February 18, 2024 •

Workout for Women’s Day is a coming together of local movement studios and instructors around International Women’s Day to offer public and private (corporate) classes in support of charities that serve girls, women, and other people who experience gender discrimination.

BabyGoRound is excited to be one of the three benefitting charities of the 2024 Workout for Women’s Day initiative. Want to get involved? First visit the Stronger Together Vancouver website and decide which movement class you want to join!

Join the movement, and DONATE HERE!

This March we aim to provide our community with a sustainable way feed their baby, so that parents aren’t forced to make decisions that may have negative consequences. As an organization we also prioritize parental mental health and studies show moms who struggle breastfeeding are at greater risk of depression.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 and purchase 75 breast pumps, to accommodate for the increase in referrals we’ve seen over the last year, while simultaneously decreasing parental stress as well as household financial stress. With the economic climate putting added pressure on vulnerable families, this piece of equipment has become more critical for those who need them in order to thrive.

The number of vulnerable moms being referred for breast pumps was up by 70% last year, the key reasons we are seeing are 1) the cost increase for baby formula that continues. 2) the lingering effects of the baby formula shortages and recalls from previous year. 3) The fact moms who experience food insecurity/poverty are proven more likely to have problems breastfeeding (relation between household food insecurity and breastfeeding in Canada: as Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on March 19, 2018.) The same research shows that a lack of housing, decent wages, adequate social assistance and other systemic barriers make it harder to breastfeed and also make it harder to afford to formula feed. These are all barriers that BabyGoRound’s clients face.


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