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Client Questions

Who does BabyGoRound support?

BabyGoRound provides, free-of-charge, essential baby gear to families in need across the Lower Mainland. In order to access our services, families must first be referred through an approved referring agency and once they have been referred, we will contact the family to book an appointment. Clients complete a request list with the referring agency prior to their appointment.  While we do our best to keep our facility well-stocked, we rely on gently used donations from the community and therefore requested items may not always be available.

What do you provide?

We endeavour to provide the following items when they are in stock:

  • Baby movers: Strollers & infant carriers
  • Safe places to sleep: bassinet, pack n play, cribs & crib mattresses
  • Feeding: high chairs, nursing pillows, bottles, bibs, and breast pumps*
  • Seating: bouncy chairs, bumbos, exersaucers, high chairs
  • Play: Toys, playmats, jolly jumpers, exersaucers, books
  • Essentials: blankets, clothing, outerwear, bathing accessories, bedding, dishes, nursery items, and diaper bags.

* We have a limited number of breast pumps for distribution. Clients need a separate referral for a breast pump, and typically they are given out after the baby is born and an appropriate practitioner has determined a breast pump is needed. The breast pump referral form is available upon request for partner agencies by emailing

We provide new car seats to families as we have them available. We also provide diapers and formula, however, we encourage families to contact their local food bank to access these items if they are needed on an ongoing basis.

How do I access BabyGoRound’s services?

You will need to be referred by one of our Agency Partners. Once your referral is submitted and approved, you will be contacted by BabyGoRound to set up an appointment. If we have questions regarding your application, we will follow up either with you or the agency that referred you. Clients are not given appointments until they are within 2 months of their estimated due date. At the present time all our appointments are handled over the phone. If you have not heard from BabyGoRound within two weeks of your referral, please call us at 604-558-4840 so we can schedule your appointment.

How many times may I visit BabyGoRound?

Clients are typically offered two visits to BabyGoRound. The initial visit is usually just before or just after the baby is born. At this appointment you will be offered gear appropriate for a newborn. Because babies grow and change so quickly, we offer families a second appointment 4-6 months following the first appointment to give them an opportunity to exchange items they are no longer using for more age appropriate items. For example, our preference is to offer bassinets for newborns which may be exchanged at the second appointment for a crib.

How do I cancel or change an appointment?

Please call 604-558-4840 during our hours of operation to change or cancel an appointment. Appointments may be rescheduled with 48 hours’ notice. We are open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10am-2pm for appointments.

Donating to BabyGoRound

What items do you accept for donation?

We gratefully accept most baby gear, however occasionally the items we are able to accept change due to inventory and storage concerns. Please check our most current list of accepted items before making a donation. We are unable to accept any broken, dirty, or incomplete donation items. Please ensure that all donation items must meet current Canadian safety standards and include all required safety straps and harnesses.

If your item is older than 5 years old, please contact us at to see if it is a good fit for donation.

How do I donate my crib? How do I donate my baby gear?

We are able to collect cribs our Kingsway location (2939 Kingsway). To donate a crib, please complete the crib donation form. We cannot accept drop-sided cribs, cribs with chew marks or cribs with damage.

To donate cribs or gear at our facility:

We collect donations on specified donation dates every month during the week as well as one Saturday per month. Please visit our Donate Gear page or follow us on social media for updates.

Do you have someone in my area that can accept donations?

BabyGoRound has a network of Community Champions across the Lower Mainland that accept donations in their communities.

Do you pick up items for donation?

BabyGoRound requests that items are dropped directly at the facility on designated donation days or donated through a Community Champion. We do not offer pick-ups at this time.

Do you accept baby clothes?

We accept sleepers for babies 0-24 months and seasonal outerwear in good condition. We do not accept other baby clothing at this time.

Do you take used car seats – even if they are still current?

We cannot take any car seats due to liability reasons, nor are we aware of any organization that is collecting them, even if they are still valid. Car seats may be recycled if they are out of date, and your local recycling depot should have more information on how to do that. We happily accept new, in box car seat donations.

Referring Agency Questions

How do I help a family access BabyGoRound’s services?

BabyGoRound partners with over 95 health and social service agencies across the Lower Mainland to identify and refer families. If you are interested in becoming a referring agency, please contact us.  You will need to review and follow our Agency Guidelines, sign and return an Agency Application form and commit to completing an orientation and annual renewal process. Information will be provided upon request by emailing

I work at a referring agency. Where do I get the referral form?

Each employee at a Referring Agency must register individually with us in order to make referrals. If you work at a registered Referring Agency but need to get registered as an agent, please email to complete the registration process and receive the referral form.

I am from a referring agency. How I do to refer a family?

Please complete the BabyGoRound Referral Form with your client during your consultation with them. Please make sure to tell your client that most of our items are gently used and that we will be contacting them via phone to schedule an appointment. If they haven’t heard from us by 4 weeks from their due date, please ask them to call the office because we most likely have not been able to reach them. The completed form may be emailed to or faxed to 604-558-4841. We will contact you with questions if needed.

Please do not refer clients until they are within a three month window of their estimated due date. We will schedule their appointment approximately 4-6 weeks before their due date.

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