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Join our community of monthly donors who are making it possible for us to increase and amplify our impact with families so we can create a brighter future, together.

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Start a monthly donation and become a Neighbour today! This community of monthly donors will make it possible for us to amplify our impact through increased and enhanced program offerings to families accessing our services. Through this shared and connected community, we will provide families with the items and resources they need to safely care for their infants and toddlers so they can thrive.



$25 each month supports one baby after a one year's donation commitment


It costs BabyGoRound up to $300 to provide resources to each baby that we support. Your recurring monthly gift of $25 will allow us to do that after a one year donation commitment. For $50 each month, you will enable us to support two children after one year’s donation commitment. We are dedicated to finding innovative and effective ways to amplify our impact. As we grow and learn more about what our families need and how we can better support them, you are invited to help make this possible by joining The Neighbourhood — a community of monthly donors who will help provide us with the financial resources needed to make this a reality.

As a direct result of the generosity of our Neighbours, we will be able to develop our program and event offerings to families in an effort to create more long-term support and resources, continue to seek out the most vulnerable areas and demographics in the Lower Mainland in need of our support who may not know about us, build strategic partnerships with other social service agencies for specialized ongoing support needs, as well as working with local resource and service providers who are willing to offer their services to BabyGoRound families at no cost. Just like the neighbour down the street, family member, or friend who shows up in moments of need, we want to grow this community of supporters who will be able to be there for so many families who do not have a supportive community around them.

As a BabyGoRound Neighbour, you will receive quarterly video updates about our progress from our Executive Director, Lisa Brooks, an annual report mailed to you, as well as a few other special surprises over the course of the year! We invite you to become a part of this new community of caring and compassionate individuals who are coming together to embrace those among us who need some extra support as they prepare to welcome their babies.


“It was heartbreaking for us knowing that as parents we can’t provide all the things that our baby needs. Thankfully, there is BabyGoRound who supported us. Instead of worrying about the baby items, we get to focus on taking care of our newborn baby.”

— Rayzel, a BabyGoRound Parent


BabyGoRound is a registered Canadian charity 821516507 RR 0001

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