Double the Difference: A Client Story

February 28, 2020 • News

Our Executive Director, Lisa Brooks, shares a story from earlier this month that brought back some sweet (and not so sweet!) memories about what it’s like to be a mom of twins. During this client visit, Lisa was able to connect with the family on a personal level and provide insight into their needs in a special way that proved meaningful for both of them.

“I had an appointment with a family this past month who have month old twins, that made me reflect on my own story as a mother of twins.  The family had phoned three times to update us that they were running late for their appointment at BabyGoRound, finally arriving almost an hour after their scheduled time.  When they came in, they started to explain that they were delayed getting out the door because the twins needed their attention. I stopped them after the first sentence, and told them it was no problem, that I understood, because vivid memories of trying to get anywhere on time came flooding back to me.  Just as I was ready to leave the house, someone always needed to be changed, or fed, or comforted, or changed again, or fed again… it was endless some days!

I had the resources to buy, and the space to store, two of everything. To welcome them home, I had two bassinets, two bouncy chairs, two car seats, two swings and two double strollers – one for the car and one for home. As they grew, I had two exersaucers, two jolly jumpers, two high chairs, and two cribs. And I used all of it, every day.  As I met with this couple, I couldn’t imagine coping without all of that gear, I couldn’t imagine what day to day life would have been like without it. It would have been so much more chaotic, and we had a lot of chaos as it was.

I quickly found them two bouncy chairs to help with their babies’ need to be held.  I told them I often held or nursed one baby, while using my foot to rock the other in a bouncy chair to soothe them; or I put both of them in their chairs on the bathroom floor when I took a much needed shower.  We also found them a great nursing pillow, and I encouraged mom to try nursing both at the same time, which you can do with the right gear. This allowed me to find some time in my day, when both babies had full tummies, and would sleep at the same time, which was magic!  They chose some bedding, clothes, infant toys, a play mat and a bathtub while they were in.

Being able to work with this family to help them choose the equipment they needed, and to encourage them and give them my perspective that while it is overwhelming now, that soon they will be confident in their ability to meet all of their babies’ needs, was a gift that I am extremely grateful for.  I came home from work that day “filled up”- BabyGoRound made a difference in this family’s life and so did I. This is why I’m so happy to have joined the team, and I think why we have so many volunteers who have been working with us for so long. We make a difference in people’s lives.”

Lisa Brooks, BabyGoRound Executive Director


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