Top 10 Requested Baby Gear Items

August 3, 2022 • Media

Every parent knows that there are just certain things that make or break a day caring for your baby. There are essentials, and then there are essentials. Getting out of the house, being able to take a shower or prepare a meal – these are the daily activities that your gear donations (and financial donations) have made possible for thousands of families over the past 10 years.

We know that poverty and inequality are complex issues that have devastating and long lasting impacts on children and families. Currently, 1 in 5 children in BC (18%) are living in poverty with an even greater occurrence in marginalized communities. Children of female led lone-parent families at 49%, children of recent immigrants and refugees at 45%, children in racialized families at 44%, and Indigenous children at 39%1. When we consider these statistics and the daily barriers faced by parents reflected here, the need for providing access to baby gear that will decrease stress and anxiety to improve mental health becomes even more imperative. We know that (particularly during the postnatal period) when a parent thrives, a child thrives.

“There were a few items that were extremely helpful and needed: baby car seat, stroller, cradle. I can’t just pick one as all three of these items were critical to getting started.”

According to the Harvard Center on the Developing Child, it is best and most useful to intervene right at the start of development, rather than to try to fix things later. In other words, if we provide the right tools for parents and families in need, their children will have greater chances to get out of poverty and become successful as adults. This is why BabyGoRound focusses our resources on supporting the most vulnerable families in our communities who are facing multiple barriers each day, as we believe this will create the greatest long term impact so all children in BC can have the hope of a bright future.

“Your service was extremely important to our growing family. Not sure how we would have afforded the items on our own.”

There’s a lot of baby gear out there and a product for almost everything, but there is a smaller list of items that really impact the quality of life for a family with a new baby. These are the items we prioritize and work very hard to keep a healthy supply of so no family has to go without or, in some cases, choose to purchase themselves instead of putting food on the table or paying bills. Our “Top 10” list covers items that are requested by nearly every family and that we are in the most need of on an ongoing basis.

How can you help?

Not only can you donate your own items when you’re ready to part with them, you can make a big impact by encouraging others in your community to donate as well. You can collect items yourself, host a drive on a specific date, or simply direct them to us by sharing the link to this article. Active in online groups? Tag BabyGoRound in local parent and buy nothing groups and either direct people to donate themselves or go pick up items on our behalf.

We’re here to support you! If you’re interested in hosting a drive in your community, school, or business, send us an email at



2021 BC Child Poverty Report Card released by First Call BC

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