200 Sleeper Summer: Help Provide Comfort for Babies + Parents

August 21, 2020 • News

Do you remember preparing to welcome your first baby? There are so many unknowns and things to think of. Appointments to keep up with baby’s growth and health, mom’s health amidst constant changes, preparing the nursery, reading up on what to expect, and knowing that all the preparation in the world can’t  fully make you ready for becoming a parent. Many of us who have experienced this have also had the privilege of doing so with the support of family and friends alongside us. Many of us got to create a baby registry and carefully select the perfect items to safely care for our little ones, considering things like colour schemes, online reviews and feedback from friends along the way. 

Many of us didn’t have to think about what we would do if we couldn’t afford these items and didn’t have a community around us to support us and help provide for our little one.

At BabyGoRound, when we gather and prepare items for our families to take home, we take the time to talk to parents, learn more about what their needs are and how we can provide that support at such a foundational and emotionally charged time. We work hard to maintain our gear supplies and have received so many generous gently used donations, especially over these past few months! We have been very focused and intentional about sharing the specific items that we are most in need of and have been met with an incredibly positive response from our community.

Where we do unfortunately find ourselves consistently not being able to meet the requests of our families lately is in providing sleepers. We know how essential this item is during the early days, when some days just feel like survival and spit up, spills and changes are countless. When we see families at their appointments, just a month or less before their due dates, our goal is to be able to send at least 5 sleepers home to help equip them for a stage where ease and comfort is key as everyone adjusts to a new way of life. 

Would you help us support families in need by donating a set of sleepers for just over $20 today?

Click here to purchase a set of two sleepers for $22 on our Amazon Baby Registry! All you need to do is select an item and purchase as you would in any other Amazon transaction and the item will be shipped directly to us at no inconvenience to you. All purchases made over $20.00 are also eligible for a charitable tax receipt. If you wish to purchase a sleeper from another retailer to have shipped to us, please let us know by emailing info@babygoround.ca and we will provide you with the necessary details! Monetary donations that would allow us to meet this goal by purchasing sleepers ourselves are also welcome please just make the note in the donation comment section. Help us reach this goal by Labour Day on Monday, September 7!

Thank you so much for your support! Parenthood often reminds us of the very great need we all have for a Village every time you make a donation, you are being a part of that Village for someone who really needs one.


* We are not accepting gently used clothing items at this time due to the amount of time it would take our team to inspect, sort and clean items. We are currently focusing our staff’s time on receiving, inspecting, cleaning and disinfecting gear donations.

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