Now Open for a Third Day Every Week!

January 29, 2021 • Media

We are very excited to announce that we are now open for family appointments an additional day of every week! This has been a goal of ours for some time and, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the resulting delay in this program expansion, we are thrilled to have now reached this important milestone and are starting 2021 off in celebration. Thanks to a generous donation from the Seedlings Foundation, we have been able to commit the time and resources necessary to making this dream of ours a reality. We have successfully managed to maintain (and now expand!) the delivery of our regular program throughout a constantly changing landscape of COVID safety countermeasures.

We are so proud of the work we have done, thankful to have the opportunity to be able do it, and forever grateful to the volunteers and Seedlings Foundation for making this next big step forward possible.

We are always looking for next steps that we can take to remove barriers for families to access our services. Increased availability by an added day of appointments every week helps us achieve this by creating more flexibility for families to schedule a trip to come to their appointment and collect their reserved essential baby items. There is already much to do and plenty happening emotionally when preparing to welcome a new baby that we would like to create as much opportunity for choice and flexibility as possible for families. 

Our vision for the future is founded, and dependent, on a shared and connected community that will allow all families in the Lower Mainland to have the resources they need to provide a healthy, strong start for their children.

Our volunteers, our donors, our partners, our referral agencies make up this incredible community and each is essential to enabling us to reach families in all communities of the Lower Mainland effectively. Though needing help is something that we can all identify with, we also acknowledge that there are many times when it can be met with neglect or a callous response in the moments where it matters the very most. There is so much vulnerability and strength required, under any circumstance, in order to reach out for help and we wish to honour this by meeting it with the strength of a connected and caring community that is there for support. 

As we leave behind 2020 with its many unexpected turns and detours, we look forward to the year ahead knowing that we are stronger because of it, and more focused than ever on our goal of supporting under-resourced families across the Lower Mainland. We will lead with love by treating people with dignity, respect and compassion; we will connect to bring people and resources together; we will innovate and continue to seek solutions to provide greater impact; we will lift up by providing choice and possibilities. We will show up and support those reaching out for help.

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